Too busy to exercise? Do you have 15 minutes?  If you do, you have enough time to get a meaningful sweat on.  Why is this beneficial? Because even just 15 minutes of vigorous exercise is enough to boost your metabolism, burn calories, improve your strength and boost your mood - all of this contributing to your overall health.  

The most common feedback I have gotten from friends and others who have been reading my new website is that they are too busy to get to a gym or a class, and need exercises they can do on their own in a very short amount of time that provide the greatest impact.  So this series is for you! 

When I am short on time, I like to incorporate a compound movement like the Squat Shoulder Press. Compound movements are awesome because they target multiple body parts! This one: shoulders, back, quads, glutes & hamstrings.

  • Start with 5-7 minutes of the Cardio of your choice: jog, run, bike, swim, jumprope, high knees, jumping jacks, running in place... whatever it is you can do wherever you are.
  • Do this exercise: 3 sets of 10-15 reps each.  
  • For a more advanced burn:  between sets, hold a plank for 30 seconds.  If you have time at the end, do a couple minutes of cardio after your sets.
  • Choose the weight that feels comfortable yet challenging for you. Careful to check with a professional on form.
  • MODIFICATION: use one weight between both hands.