I'm back this week with another compound movement - the Bicep Curl Lunge.  This exercise is one of my all time favorites because it targets the quads and glutes, as well as the biceps and even your core! There are a couple different variations to this one.  If you have more space, you can do walking lunges, and if you want to make the move more advanced, you can do 3 curls in between your lunges, rather than just a single.  I like to play around with it a bit, depending on what I want to focus on.  For example, I like to do consecutive reps on the same side, working one leg at a time more intensely.  Again, choose a challenging yet comfortable weight. I'm using 15 lbs in this video.  

  • Start with 5-7 minutes of the Cardio of your choice: jog, run, bike, swim, jumprope, high knees, jumping jacks, running in place... whatever it is you can do wherever you are.
  • Do this exercise: 3 sets of 10-15 reps each.  
  • For a more advanced burn:  do one leg 3-5 times, each side before alternating.  Do more bicep curls in between lunges.  
  • Choose the weight that feels comfortable yet challenging for you. Careful to check with a professional on form.
  • MODIFICATION: if you have the space you can try walking lunges, or stationary -  alternating after a single rep on each side.