Practicing Mindfulness: The Proper Way to Plank

A plank is a plank is a plank, right?  Wrong!  I love simple exercises because they can be the most effective when done the proper way.  I learned a lesson in planking from my partners at PHlex NYC.  Putting your mind into the muscle and thinking about what you're doing as you engage is not only smart, it makes the time go faster as you feel the burn!  Read on!


Planks are one of the best exercises you can do - they help you work on proper muscle activation to increase full body strength, not just your core.

1.) Line your elbows up directly underneath your shoulders to place the humerus in the most optimal shoulder joint position.

2.) Round your shoulder blades around your rib cage by pushing from the serratus muscles (underneath your armpit) and engage the triceps to decrease load off the shoulder.

3.) Activate your core by drawing your belly button in towards your spine.

4.) As you step back, engage your quads and guts for added support. 

5.) Keep your core tight, back straight and breathe.  Don't let your butt dip or lift!!

Stay tuned for more fitness tips and fun exercises from my PHlex Family!