PHlex Fitness Appreciation Night.

At PHlex, we don't just work hard, it is important to play hard too!  This past Tuesday night, we hosted our first Fitness Appreciation Night. We gathered together some of our favorite fitness studio owners and instructors in NYC and opened our doors to show them our gorgeous new space, and also pampered them a bit with massage, acupuncture, and Reiki.  Our fabulous sponsors were Juice Press, Viking Waffles, Maia Yogurt, and Luxe Kits. It was truly a fantastic night!  Apologies to all those not pictured, we were having too much fun and forgot to take more snaps!

From Left to Right:

Posing with Master Trainer Ariel Hoffman, AKT,

NYC Fitness Legends and me (Niv Zinder & Natalie Raitono, Barry's Bootcamp), Gerren Liles (Equinox & Vision Fitness), SusanSweats, Chris Sams (New Addiction Training)

Emily Southern, Gina Cavallo (Co-Founders, EKG Project), Shiri Ben-Yishai (Uber fit friend and inspiration)

Tina Tang (IronStrong Jewlery), Benedicte Engen (Founder Viking Waffles), Jennifer Nyp (ZenGirl Fitness), Gerren Liles

Gerren Liles, Tina Tang, Benedicte Engen, Dr. Kimberly Caspare (CEO, Founder, PHlex), Jennifer Nyp

Kettles Bells & Waffles!